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Sisters United Celebrity Hair & Fashion was created with a vision of raising the standard of hair for women. Sisters United sells celebrity quality virgin hair extensions. Our clients truly come first. Sisters United desires to Uplift, Empower and Enhance the Appearance of Women all over the World.

Sisters United Celebrity Hair & Fashion was created by Lisa Davis & established in 2015. She was driven by the lack of variety, affordability, and quality hair extensions currently on the market. The company was created with a philanthropic vision in mind, and donates 10% of each sale back into the community.

As a zealous hair extension user, she was getting frustrated by the lack of affordable quality hair extensions and would often hear many other women complaining and venting about the same and similar issues. Lisa had then set out to create a hair extension company with amazing quality and affordable prices, all while giving back to the community, and providing resources and opportunities for young women. After many months of research, traveling overseas, and testing products, Sisters United Celebrity Hair & Fashion was created and is dedicated to providing 100% authentic virgin hair on the market in the Toronto, GTA surrounding areas.

Sisters United Celebrity Hair & Fashion embraces each individuals desire for uniqueness, creativity, durability, and versatility. We set out to develop, produce, promote, and distribute Exceptional Celebrity Quality Virgin Hair that is long lasting & leave you looking stunning and confident.


Our Hair vs. International trade

Many of the hair sold through international trade websites, beauty supply stores, and various smalls pop up vendors are not selling authentic virgin hair. Their hair is often found mixed with animal hair, synthetic hair, or non-remy hair in order to reduce the cost. It is commonly known that whenever they advertise 100% human hair, this is often not the case.

The major difference between Sisters United Celebrity Hair and the Beauty supply stores, various international trade websites, and small vendors is the fact that our hair does not contain any silicone. Beauty Supply store extensions at first feel very smooth and a few weeks later or once the silicone wears off the hair will become very dry, brittle, and matted. This is because the hair was first acid washed, bleached and dyed in Silicone. The fake virgin hair from international trade websites hair has often been Acid-washed and submerged in silicone, just not bleached or dyed.